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Want to be a part of the Intrasoft Tecnology cult who believe in delivering quality and are on a never ending journey of continuous improvement? Check out our current openings below or if you are outstanding at what you do - we want to meet you.

We are always on the look out for energetic and talented candidates with technical capabilities, analytical skills and the right credentials, whose professional ambitions are in sync with our goals. Infinity is open to people with a strong sense of responsibility and a slightly above average level of mental agility and adaptability, driven by the zeal to learn. Our selection criteria ensure that you have it all in you before you join us.

Infinity has a truly professional, yet family like ambience, with ample space and scope for building friendship and camaraderie. At Infinity, we preach and propagate the philosophy that "No job is a low job." We promote equality, solidarity and compassion among co-workers.

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